Better Way to Find New Contacts on Conference

Mobile App for Searching People on Events.

Easy People Search

Stop darting your eyes around. You will save your time if you can see where the person you are looking for is located with the help of Augmented Reality

Superstars are Closer to You

High-ranked people use this App while on the conference. You find them easier. You meet them faster.

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Get Directions Indoors

When you find someone with the App on conference, you get directions to his location on the map of the building (no, not using a GPS).

It's Social

See all the people social profiles, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter... Chat with them. Explore their connections.

Features Loaded

There are a whole bunch of kung-fu packed into our App and you can put it under your belt after downloading.

New Way to Search New Contacts

You can find a lot of new contacts during events. New technology of people search is within the App.

Our Mission

Now, when all of us get used to "google" for information for seconds. We want to let people find each other offline in a moment.

Locating People Indoors

The App can determine locations of people inside the building. It uses Bluetooth Low Energy when there is no GPS signal available.

Free Of Charge

You get all the features for free. Use the App with no payments and no ads.

Cloud Computations

All the magic happens in the cloud. You get low battery usage for your smartphone.

Chat Within a Room

If you can't find somebody, while you know he must be at the event, you can chat with him right in the App. No need for switching.

Our Team

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Meet our team. We are growing and looking for new team members. Interested?

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Aleksandr Vinokurov


I always see the world with the eyes of the innovator: What can I do better? How can I improve the process? I can say that when I do something for what I stand with all my heart, only then I think of it every single minute and only then I make remarkable things!

Experience in IT & Management.

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Aleksandr Kotiukov


Every time considering a technical solution for a problem, I'm interested in how it will helps people. Solving such problems for me is the best incentive!

Experience in Electronics & Management.

What Clients Say

If you are still deciding, read what others say.

I think it will be extremely useful and helpful to me and I'm definitely interested in it.

Peg Fisher, Freelance Writer
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I think it will be interesting especial if you want to find somebody that you've just met at the conference...

Alex, Operations Manager
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It will be really useful if it runs stable and no bugs, because now we use mostly text or voice, so something visual will be very helpful... I'll show it to my BOSS...

Howard, Purchasing Assistant for wholesale co.
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You are talking about something much more accurate [than GPS in the building] so it will be very useful.

Criss, Network Marketer
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It will save my time.

Sergey, Key Account Manager
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